Terms & Conditions of the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen AG

To all skiers!

Piste closed: this means that a piste or route is closed due to safety reasons of any kind (stones, black ice, risk of avalanches etc). Using a closed piste is prohibited for everyone. The use of unmarked pistes as well as skiing in the forests or woodlands is strictly prohibited!

Risk of avalanches:

Boards displaying the avalanche hand are positioned across the terrain at points where avalanches may occur. Those boards serve as a constant warning and are an addition to the flashing avalanche warning lights at the panorama boards.

Yellow flashing light:

Severe risk of avalanches away from secured pistes! Closed facilities an pistes: the operator reserves the rigth to close facilities and pistes for technical or other reasons like storm, hight winds etc. with short notice. Such events as well early departure do not entitle to a refund or an extension of the validity period.

Piste & rexcue service:

The piste and rescue service only monitors marked and opened pistes. All lift stations also serve as accident reporting points. Please provide detailed information about the location (name of piste, number of downhill run etc.) when reporting an accident. This helps to speed up the rescue of the person involved in the accident. The last examination of the pistes by the piste service takes place after the facilities have been closed.

Operatin times:

Details about the operatin times of our facilities can be found at ghe individual access points. Operatin times may vary from general times for numerous resaons.


Ski passes are not transferable and must be shown when requested by the inspection staff. It ist not possible to exchange, extend or postpone the validity period at a later poin. The individual services, which the ski pass entitles to, are provided by legally independent companies. In general, the current condditions of carriage of the individual transport/lift company apply.


Refund claims may only be considered in cases of accidents or illness an require the immediate submission of a medical certificate and the ski pass. There is no refund policy for accompanying persons. The refund claimed will be processed from the day the ski pass has been deposited at a ski pass cash desk. Only the amount of the price difference between the already used period and the day the ski pass has been deposited at the cash desk will be refunded. The days of use start from the day the ski pass has been valid and are counted until the day the ski pass has been returned to the cash desk. A refund cannot be claimed in cases of early departure, closure of carriage facilities due to events which are beyond the service provider`s control such as adverse weather conditions, elementary events etc. as well as in cases of closure of individual facilities or closure of downhill runs.

Lost and damaged ski passes:

Lost 1 and 2 day ski passes cannot be replaced. Loss of ski passes valid for at least 3 days: a replacement ski pass will only be issued on submission of proof of purchase and the ski pass number. A service charge of € 10.00 applies. Damaged ski passes are not accepted. Malfunctioning ski passes will be exchanged.

Exchange/extension at a later point:

Already used ski passes cannot be exchanged at a later point. Extension days - available at a 5% discount for ski passes with a validity of at least 3 days.

Misuse of ski passes is not worth the consequences!

Ski passes of any validity period are not transferable. The person validating the ski pass on first use is the person who will be associated with that ski pass for the duration of the validity period. Any misuse of ski pases/season tickets will be sanctioned. Misuse includes the use by third parties. Ski passes reported as lost will be blocked at the card reading facilities. Constant inspections of ski passes throughout the ski resort are carried out in order to prevent the misuse of ski passes! Anyone without a valid ski pass will be sanctioned as follows:

  • A day ticket at the usual price must be purchased
  • An instant fine of € 20,00 applies
  • The Rauriser Hochalmbahnen AG reserves the right to report the person on suspicion of obtaining services under false pretences (Article 149 Criminal Code) and/or suspected fraud (Article 46 Criminal Code).

Ski tourers:

In accordance with the regulations of the market town Rauris and in compliance with the decision of the local council, all pistes are closed daily from 5.00 pm until 7.30 am. Some piste sections (see notification at lift stations) remain open for night ski touring on Fridays until 10.00 pm. The complete piste closure resumes from 10.00 pm onwards.

Walking on the pistes:

It is not prohibited to walk on the pistes during opening times. However, it ist not recommendet to wald along the pistes since, due to lack of space, ascent passageways are not provided.

Rescue helicopter:

The professional crew guarantees immediate medical treatment and, by using the helicopter, provides speedy transport to the nearest hospital or to one of the region`s specialist hospitals if requested. The transport by helicopter is invoiced separately by the aviation service provider. All deployments are coordinated by the piste rescue service.

Ski bus:

Ski pass holders are entitled to use the ski bus free of charge. Limited service during start and end of the season.

Transport of dogs:

Dogs are prohibited on all pistes. A fee is applicable for the transportation of dogs in the gondolas.

Digital images:

Please note that digital images of the first entry and all subsequent entriers are taken at the inspection points in the talley for control purposes. The images will not be archived and will not be usef for anyother purposes.

Webshop - special conditions for the electronic ordering and purchasing process:

All compulsory fields displayed in the booking window must be completed in full and correctly to be able to make a booking. There is no legal right to discounts being offered for direct purchases at the same point in time. The customer is solely respnsible for the correct input of the data, particulary the data carrier number, and notes that it will not be possible to activate the data input is incorrect. Please see the instructions for use. The data carrier number (WPT number) can be found on the key card.

Echt.Fair.Ticket. - Online Shop:

The online tickets offered on the website www.hochalmbahnen.at represent a non-binding purchase offer. The prices are in Euros including 10% VAT. By odering a ticket online, the tickets are sent as vouchers by email. The vouchers can be exchanged for the corresponding ticket at the ticket offices of the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen. The key card will be charged with Euros 2,00. Please note that the vouchers are sent with a forgery-proof code. The voucher can be printed out itself, several prints are possible, but only one print is value-relevant. The first redeemed voucher is consideres to be the original and will be canceled by the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen immediately after redemption. Lost vouchers will not be replaced. Vouchers cannot be returned for cash either.

Contract conclusion: the customer notes that the ordering process can not longer be cancelled of reversed once the pay button has been clicked. The contract is considered to have been concluded when the purchase is confirmed via the "proceed with ginding purchase" button.

Data security

We care about the security of data. We only use them emarked and only pass them on to our partners, if they contribute to the fullfillment of purpose regarding our specific assingment. According to the EU-General-Dataprotection regulation (LINK) and according to the Data Protection Act (LINK) of the Republic of Austria starting 25.5.2018 users have the right to obtain free information on request about all stored personal data. In addition each customer or user is allowed to ajust incorrect data, block, or delete ("right to be forgotten") his personal data. The only exception is that we have the legal obligation to preserve business or reporting records.

If we do not comply with our data protection duty in due time, please contact your complaint to:

Austrian Data Protection
Wickenburggasse 8
1080 Wien
Phone: +43 1 52 152-0

Rauriser Hochalmbahnen AG - 5661 Rauris, Liftweg 2
Phone: +43 0 6544 6341 Email: info@hochalmbahnen.at


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